Tourist Circuits in Algeria

Sara Travel propose on you circuits for discovering the natural splendor of Algerian desert ,of the cities and ancient sites by dicovering and knowing their history from numidian time till nowadays

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Ghardïa in house host

 Under a sky of fire, in an arid valley of the sahara, the M'zab(une architecture all of harmony and soberness) seduced and cause the interest of the modern architects from all over the world. For more informations

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The mountains of the Atakor

  To the heart of the Hoggar, the massif of the Atakor is constituted of peaks among the highest of the Sahara, Tahat 2910 m, Ilamane 2760 m and Assekrem 2728m. It is between these natural citadels, by paths caravaniers that the trailer advances, until the wadi of greenery named Amsa. This unique landscape of volcanos dismantled, of rocky peaks, of basaltic organs, of limpid lakes creates a surrealist atmosphere, nearly apocalyptic, only saved by the redemption of the Father of Foucauld to The assekrem. For more informations

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Discovered the Hoggar in 4x4

 Ideal for those that want to see the Assekrem in the volcanic massif of the Hoggar as well as the tassili of the Hoggar, real architectural audacity shaped by the sand and wind. For more informations

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