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Guelma Algeria

Is a place fascinated of spaces archaeological and natural that alleviates the soul and the mind in the tourist circuit through the East Algerian.
Be the wilaya of Guelma situated of a flight of bird of Tunisia, that present of the Historic and archaeological considerable tourist wealths.

The antique Calama :

Agro Pastoral by excellence, the region of Guelma is accustomed since the dawn of the humanity, as attest it various materials, libyc enrollment and funeral steles put at the day by the archaeological research. With Hippone, Tachasse and Cirta, the ancient Calama constitutes a center of habitat of the numidian civilization then incontestably during the 1st millennial before J.C, to the point that the Phoenician install themselves progressively of it, making of Calama and his region a coveted enclave or he erects stations and fortifications.
To the heart of the oriental Numidie and Massyle kingdom that covers the north of constantine Calama attends punic wars between Rome and Carthage that don't dispute hegemony of it. The Aguellied (king berbere) Jugartha would have delivered battle and loser no far from his walls, precisely in the mysterious Suthul (Ain Nechma) the Roman general Postinuis .
Become Roman possession prospered dice the 1st century of our era, Calama is erected then in Municipe in colony, to constitute, with Hippone and Setifis, the main attics to wheat of the empire, on the reign of Stern. Its imposing theater of 4500 rooms, one of biggest and the preserved better of afrique, of the north, is witness of his statute of economic pole and exchanges. strategic Crossroads to the center of the ancient Rusicadas, Tuniza, Hippone and Theveste, all of old Carthaginian citadels, Calama reached the cultural home rank that she shares with Taghaste.
During the emergence then of the hegemony of the Christian monotheism Calama is raised to the statute of bishopric, being part of the ecclesiastical province of Numidie, with Possidius as bishop. As soon as the threat of vandal invasion is confirmed, in 43, poissiduis takes refuge to Hippone and Calama falls under the ascendancy of Generic, before being taken by Byzance, in the name of " the reconquest of north Africa ", by Solomon, general of Justinien, That takes a strong room.

Hammam Chellalah

At 20 km of Guelma the complex of Hammam chellala is built on an ancient thermal Roman city because of the quality of its soft, moderate micro - weather and the exceptional therapeutic property of its waters.
The waters of hammam chellala are reputed to be of hottest of the world after Geysers of Ireland, they reach 98°; at their point of emergence.
The therapeutic virtues of waters are ordered briskly in the multiple pathology treatment, enter other:
   ♦ The rheumatic affections and aftermaths of traumatisms.
   ♦ The neurological affections
   ♦ Unrests endocriniens
   ♦ Affections respiratory ,O.Rl ,Gynécologic
   ♦ Affections cutaneous chronic ,etc...;.
At the complex Hammam chellala the therapeutic and hotel facilities are regrouped to offer curists a maximum of comforts. In addition of the 61 room of the hotel, the complex thermal arranges 112 bungalows planned for a stay in family. In restaurants of dietary meal hammam chellala can be served to the demand.
Several lounges, Moorish coffees, esplanades and parklands invite to the détente and leisures. The existing of a shopping mall integrated in spa permits to customers to do their current purchase.

Hammam Ouled Ali

The cure
El-baraka is provided of necessary facilities so that the curiste has the best therapeutic advantages. Waters emerge to 57°; de température avec un PH de 7,8.
Data chemical mg/Ls:
   ♦ Bicarbonates: 397
   ♦ Calcium: 224
   ♦ Sodium: 40
   ♦ Sulphates: 300
   ♦ Magnesium: 19
   ♦ Potassium: 05

She is virtues reputed for the following affections :
   ♦ Rheumatic affections (arthropathies)
   ♦ Neurological affections (polynévrites)
   ♦ Affections neuropsychiatriques
   ♦ Traumatisms (séquelles)
   ♦ Respiratory (asthma DDB - bronchitis chronique)
   ♦ Dermatologiques (psoriasis)

The complex offers the curists a rich fan of cares as:
   ♦ C rénothérapie (treatment by waters)
   ♦ Individual baths with or without hydro massage
   ♦ Shower to the throw
   ♦ Humage, inhalation
   ♦ Manual massages
   ♦ Rehabilitation in thermal swimming pool

For physiotherapy the complex dispenses:
   ♦ Electrotherapy (infrared, Ultraviolet, ultrasonic sound)
   ♦ Vibromassage
   ♦ Decorated fangothérapie

El baraka, it is also an experience concerning rehabilitation bet at the disposal of curistes :
   ♦ Medical gymnastics
   ♦ Mécanothérapie (functional rehabilitation of members lésés)
That you are alone or in family the vividness of the landscape will reinforce kindness of your cure.