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Fishing in Algeria

Fishing in apnea

The submarine fishing: The submarine hunt in apnea is organized in constituted group of six to ten participants.
On places of hunt operations the training and the aid are foreseen with the contest of the FASSA that will put at the disposal of participants a qualified staff for his knowledge of places and techniques of submarine hunt.
Participants must be conformed to the réglements of the submarine fishing and prescriptions aiming the protection of fauna, flora and the submarine wealths.
In the fishing ground as it will have been nominated to them, participants must respect all orders having to assure their own security as well as the one of the others.
During hunt, only the technical person responsible is authorized to take a decision: choice of the hunt zone, possible change, of hunt places the interruption of hunt for non respect of orders by force major.
Product of hunt:
The exercise of the submarine fishing can only constitute a disinterested activity, exercised on a sporty and recreational plan. No limitation of the number of fishes fished is imposed. Hunters can arrange the product of hunt during the length of their stay. In all cases the product of hunt cannot be merchandised. The consumption or the free transfer are allowed.
Fishing ground and lodging: Regions of hunt as well as the hotel establishments kept in programs of stays are designated like follows:
Algiers: Hotel Mazafran Zeralda
Oran: Complex of the Andalouseses
Annaba: Hotel El Mountazah Seraidi
Jijel: Kotomas hotel and Emeralds