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               Hadj & Omra

As every year, the millions of Muslim go toward the land consecrated for acomplir their duty in tand that Muslim. Sara Voayges is there her also to come with you toward the Land Consecrated of Mecca.

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    Strong of an experience of more than two decades acquired with a staff broken to the proof of proximity with the clientéle and the permanent concern to enhance the quality of the benefits, Sara Journeys stood in the peleton of the promoters of the religious journeys. It owes its reputation to its team's expertise and seriously that distinguishes it and that is the fruit of a fierce job proscribing all improvisation.
    Our benefits in Algeria and to the holy places, are assured by competent people and the highly qualified teams and if today, we are able to offer the best choices so that our customers fulfill the ritual of Omra el according to their most expensive wishes and in the comfort that they deserve that is also thanks to them and to their precious recommendations.
    The different formulas that are proposed to you are established according to the desires of our customers the more exigents that made of Sara Journeys an accompanist of choice in the achievement of this important religious act.
    Our basic programs are executed exclusively in hotels who are situated immediate close by of the Harameïneses. Of the benefits personalized in category are also proposées,à the card, to the demand of the customer base.
    Sara Voyages also assure, during the residency, a religious animation by an imam or a mourchis.
    The conferences and prices on the progress of the ritual and the history of the holy places are given to the hotel and during the ziarates.
    Of the meetings debate are organized, in the depressed moments, with the mou'tamarines in order to know their prints on the progress of the residency and to collect the incidental suggestions aiming to enhance non benefits.
    The medical coverage is assured 24h/24 by an Algerian physician who comes with the mou'tamarines where they go. Besides, every mou'tamir benefits from a "individual insurance travels" covering the full residency.

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