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Saint Augustin

Among the man of mind who marked and the Maghrib and the Mediterranean, Augustin distinguish himself. His name is AURELIEUS AUGUSTINUS. He was born to Thagaste, November 13, 354. He would hold, in its adoption of Christianity, of her mother Monique that is Christian.

His father, PARTICIUS, considerable of Thagaste, remained faithful to beliefs of its forebears.
After elements of elementary éduction Augustin is sent by his parents to Madaure (M'Daourouche), the intellectual center of the south of the Numidie. He moves then to Carthage In 374, after some years of survey, but of enjoyments in Carthage Augustin goes in also to Thagaste where he becomes professor He teaches ©Ý Carthage veà, then to rom in 383et in Milan in 384. He hesitates a long time before making baptize himself in April 387. It is the year where his mother dies to Ostie.
He comes back to his native city, Thagaste or he resides three years. He teaches and writes, among 388 and 391. In 391, he is designated like co - adjuteur of the Hippone bishop, to which he follows in 395. He will occupy the Episcopal seat until his/hers death, the 28 outs 430. Augustin gets involved in a real struggle against all currents that oppose to the Christian orthodoxy. The doctrine that it defends is written. (No one can run away without the grace and well little can be elected). He writes a lot on the dogmatic theology, on the moral theology. He also produced writings on the pedagogy. Among his/hers most important works:
   ♦ CONFESSIONS (toward 497)
   ♦ MENTIONS IT OF GODS (of 413 to 427)
   ♦ LETTERS (of 386 to 429)

Saint augustin is an Algerian

Become bishop of the Hippone basilica, Saint Augustin spent 40 years of his life in this Roman city. August 28, 430, whereas Vandals besiege the city, the holy man, then aged of 73 years, joined the eternal home of all peace. Seventy years after his death, his remains is exhumed and elated in Sardinia then to Pavie to the VIIIe century. October 28, 1848, the right ulna, escorted of a prelate cortege, is repatriated to Annaba. Some decades later, the Christian community testifies him while doing his recognition to build a basilica to the summit of a hill, supposed site of his old « Basilica Pacis ». The mistake subsisted until excavations put up to date the remain this old basilica... to the foot of the hill. To this place, a white marble mausoleum surmounted of a statue of the holy man let believe today in his tomb.

The death of saint augustin

The theologian Saint Augustin dies at the age of 75 years, August 28 in 430 in the Roman colony of Hippone (north Africa), besieged then by Vandals. Converts late in 387, he became bishop of Hippone in 396. His works, of which " God's " City, will have a considerable influence on the Catholic church and the western culture.