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Sara Voyages propose you of the historic places with unique landscapes in its gender that returns a comfortable residency and fill it of a culture dating of the Roman time. Housemaid Vacances with Sara Voyages

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Djijels and its magnificent underground cave

 The wilaya of Jijel is limited to the 0uest by the wilaya of Bejaia, to the South by Setif and Mila and to the East by the wilaya of Skikda. For more informations



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Skikda & Jeanne D'Arc

 The wilaya of SKIKDA is situated to the East of the coastal Algerian. She/it regroups a population of 804.697 inhabitants and spreads on 130 Km²s of coasts. It is limited at the North by the Mediterranean sea, and adjoin the wilaya of Annaba, Constantine, Guelma, Jijel.For more informations.

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El Tarf and the Calle

 In Algeria, the wilaya of El-Tarf is characterized by two main vocations, the tourism and agriculture. It has a few more of 72 000 hectares. The return, according to the means of job engaged, varies between the 15 to 20 quintals to the hectare for the cereals, the climatic conditions play there, among others, a preponderant role. For more informations

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