The Algerian handicraft

From the pottery to the art's ceramics passing by the texture, the Algerian handicraft is itself definitely open to the universality by its geographical vocation of variable geometry, the proximity of Europe, the black Africa and the Orient giving to this nation several specificities that propose us thus for more than one reason a big colorful, iridescent and multi-colored, irresistible hike.

The history of these secular arts remained impossible to be narrated because it remained more that ever a history furnished of impossible sensations to transcribe, words can replace this privileged moment provoked by the touch of a material woven by the hand where the sweetness of a clay obviously worked with love.

It only prevents works where one recognizes the craftsman's hand deserves win by an elusive enchantment of this Mediterranean, Moslem or from the Maghreb conviviality that carries in itself of values of sharing and generosity, indication of an inventive temperament dedicated to the other..

The Algerian handicraft will remain again for a long time the marvelous expression of a centennial passion that passes the mystic, the fantasmagorique to meet in a deeply human dimension. Simply human!