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Sara Voyages propose you of the historic places with unique landscapes in its gender that returns a comfortable residency and fill it of a culture dating of the Roman time. Wonderful Vacances with Sara Voyages

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Annaba coastal town

 Situated in brim from sea to the East of the country, Annaba was based to the 12nd century before Christ. Favorite resident of the kings of Numidie, it sustains the backlash of the war that opposed Caesar to Pumped, and becomes Roman following the victory of Caesar and the annexation of the Numidie in the year 46 before Jesus Christ For more informations

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Batna capital of Awres

 Heiress of a particularly dense and deep historic runaround. The region of Batna gives to discover to the visitor many vestiges and monuments of its rich past..For more informations.

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Bejaïa capital of Hammadites

 Bejaia was the upper case of the Hammaditeses that had to abandon their fundamental highlander LKalaâ to Béni-Hammad to get settled on these beaches opened on the world. In 1067 Nassers gave him the name of Naciria, then his son El Mansour made his political and cultural capital of it in 1090. For more informations

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