Skikda: a brief preview

Geographical situation

The wilaya of SKIKDA is situated to the East of the Algerian coastline. It regroups a population of 804.697 inhabitants and spreads on a surface of 4.137.68.km², with 130 Km²s of coasts. She/it is limited to the North by the Mediterranean sea, and adjoin the wilaya of Annaba, Constantine, Guelma, Jijel.







La wilaya de Skikda est issue de découpage territorial de 1974. It includes 13 Dairates regrouping 38 townships. Besides the county seat of the wilaya of Skikda, principals urban centers are: - AZZABA that radiates on townships of the zone and the wilaya. - EL HARROUCH that radiates on townships of the zone south of the wilaya - TAMALOUS that radiates on townships of the West zone of the low massif - COLLO that radiates on townships of the West zone of the massive top.


Its geographical position and its situation in the center of the region Northeast of the country, confer to the wilaya of Skikda a role of first plan in exchanges and the economic fluxes, thanks to the importance of its technical infrastructures (national roads, harbors and railroad track).


It presents a big potential agricultural (128.00 hectares) and a pluviometry between (700et 1200 mms of water per year) Skikda, it is also a big industrial pole of national importance dominated by the complex petrochemical.


The position of the wilaya on the Mediterranean Sea and its important threefold function of its port (fishing, tourism and Hydrocarbons), confer it with the privileged relations with wilayas of the Algerian East and also with the stranger.


The climate is a Mediterranean type, being characterized by two seasons,: - A soft and rainy winter. - A hot and dry summer The rainy season spreads of the month of October in the month of March, and the dry season begins from the month of April and end in the month of September. The coastline of the wilaya is watered greatly, in particular the West region of the massif of Collo (between 700 mms and 1200mm of water per year).


The wilaya contains immense touristic potentialities because of the existence of 130Kms of coasts on which come to follow each other of beaches going from tamanart to the west the Marsa to the East and where one cannot count less than 08 Zones of tourist expansion.


Historic setting:


The edification of the rusicade (SKIKDA) goes back up to the Phoenician period between the 12th and the 18th century before J.C. At the 5th century after J.C. (439), it was destroyed by vandals of the king GENSERIC. The region of Skikda was be arabise dice the dawn of the Moslem penetration. The site of the ancient rusicade is occupied in 1838 by the colonial troops regrouped before to the camp of Eddis (KENDEDIS).

The colonial city first carried then the name of " Harbor of France the one of Philippeville in homage to the king French Philippe louis during the war of liberation (1954-1962). Skikda a connut aussi ses moments les Moudjahidine le 08/20/55, dite la nuit des sept bombes. Skikda also remembers a lot of events like the one of the massacre of the Municipal stage.



Infrastructures of basis


They constitute the essential support of the development of the wilaya and its possibilities of openings on the region Northeast of Algeria and even on the stranger. The road network is composed of: 331Kms of national roads, that are essentially constituted of the big axes next one:

  • The R.N 3 that joins Skikda to Constantine.

  • The R.N 44 that joins Skikda to Annaba

  • The R.N 80 that joins Skikda to Guelma

  • The R.N 43 that joins Skikda to Jijel and Mila.

  • 578 km of wilaya paths.

  • 1668 local path km.

  • 01 new harbor hydrocarbons to Skikda

  • 01 harbor mixed /marchandises hydrocarbons to Skikda

  • 01 harbor of fishing in Stora (Skikda)

  • 01 harbor of fishing to the Marsa

  • 01 harbor of fishing to Collo, that is in court of extension.

the wilaya is besides hardback by rail to wilayas of Annaba, Constantines and Jijels.

Stations and telecommunications constitute a privileged factor in the development economic of the wilaya, by services in particular for the tourist investment. Concerning telecommunications the rate of automation in the wilaya is 97% The wilaya arranges in addition to a telephonic network of G.S.M " type ". For the transmission of data Skikda arranges a DZ-PAC " network ", that allows operators to exchange data as the electronic carrying trade and teleprocessing. The sector of the PTTS at the level some wilaya became so much provider of Internet " service " For the routing of the mail national that international, the wilaya has an EMS " service " the Network " DHL " in addition.



The diversity of sites of Skikda gives to the region an exceptional tourist vocation. His/her/its beaches of a rare beauty arrive until feet of mountains. Of the nearly island of Collo to the golf of Stora, spread with creeks and beaches of golden sand. The big beach to 17 km of Stora, and a few farther the "T.E.Z " of Wadi Bibi, offer summer vacationers of bathings in the limpid waters. For amateurs of march some sinuous trails lead to the " Ravine of lions " while passing by Miramar and the Ravine of monkeys has the other Ben extremity " Me hidi " with his/her/its road broadside of villas, his/her/its camps of canvas and his/her/its swimming pool that constitute a historic Suvre. The traveler to Skikda will also stay late before the cultural sites, the Roman theater, the municipal theater with its style recalling the Scala, the city hall that shelters admirable frescos and pictures to the big master print. Among the other wealths of the wilaya one can mention the thermal sources of the zone of Azzaba.

It is rich and varied according to the diversity of wealths natural of the wilaya, to know,: Different quality clay and color. Important layers of marble. Potential forest: liége, reeds, stump of heather, pines and poplars. This precious art is characterized by traditions and an originality in the shape of the conception and the decoration (Berber and Moslem). Products of the handicraft concern the tapestry, the embroidery, outline them

Thermal sources
Hammam salihine 9 km to the west of AZZABA.
Hammam el hama 18 ks to the North / East of AZZABA

In immense tourist and artisanal potentiality spite that it conceals the wilaya knows an enormous deficit concerning tourist infrastructures.

Hotel and tourist infrastructures

Essalam hotel: Skikda - 300 beds - 4 stars

Bougaroun hotel: Collo -150 beds - 2 stars.
Moumtaz hotel: Skikda - 37 beds - 2 stars
Hotel Castle (vert)-Skikda -26 beds -2 stars
Hotel Terminus: 32 beds - 2 stars.

Hotel Torchlight Collo: 72 beds - unclassified
Hotel Mediterranean: 24 no - classified
Saf hotel - Saf: 68 unclassified beds.
Al - Alia hotel (Blessed Bechir): 312 beds - unclassified
Manar hotel: 24 beds - unclassified


The Marsa: 112 hectares of a 2400 bed capacity.

Guerbes: 180 hectares of a 1500 bed capacity.

Ben Me hidi: 212 hectares of a 3000 bed capacity.

Big Beach: 140 hectares of a 1260 bed capacity..

Bibi wadi: 778 hectares of a 3000 bed capacity.

Collo: 400 hectares of a 3000 bed capacity.

l Tamanart: 81 hectares of a 2000 bed capacity.

Merst zitoun: 60 hectares of a 600 bed capacity.