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Hunt in Algeria

Algeria where the game is abundant, had to put this noble sport at the disposal of tourists. Hunters will be able to deliver himself thus also to their favorite distraction in sites prestigious that mountains of Kabylie, the High Trays or confines of the Sahara.
Tshe touristic hunts : The touristic hunts are oganised by group of 4 people minimum 12 maximum people's, as good for the partridge that for beats of boars.
   ♦ Hunt to the quail hard that one month or so and be practiced after crops, in the, straws; it is practiced very well in beat, either with a pointer.
   ♦ Hunt of the gazelle, to the mouflon, to the deer, is suspended.
   ♦ Hunts to the falcon can be organized on order for hares, bustards, in the south, from Djelfas, Laghouats and its vicinities.
Hunt of the boar : Hunt to the boar is organized in groups constituted of ten hunters minimum.
The framing on places of hunt operations makes himself with the contest of the local associations of hunt to which it is made call for the aid in personal qualified: chief of beat, hunters, beaters, only abilities for their knowledge of the land and techniques of hunt. In beat the best dogs are put at the disposition of hunters.
The game: This program of hunt concerns only one type of game: the boar only.

No game is guaranteed during the exit of hunt, but its hold essentially depends on the quality of hunters, of their sporty faculty, of the follow-up of advices lavished by the framing and the climatic conditions. On the other hand, there is not a quantitative limit when to the number of pieces to cut down.
This game stays acquired to the hunter during his stay. The export and the local sale of the hunt product is forbidden.
Regimentation: Hunters are held to be conform to regimentations of hunt and prescriptions aiming to the protection of the environment. In the zone of hunt as it will have been delimited to them, hunters must respect all orders having to assure their own security. In case of non respect for serious reason the chief of beat must suspend the part of hunt.
Formalities and conditions of organizations:
   ♦ Authorizations: For the coverage of the stay and operations of beats our partner is in charge of the obtaining of the authorization of temporary import of the weapon of hunt as well as the license of hunt by the concerned administrations, under reserve that all conditions are full (Passport under validity, visa according to the country of origin of the hunter).
The compliant demands of participants must arrive to our partner at thirty days at least before the arrival of hunters. Weapons and munitions: Only the rifle of hunt classic with smooth cannon of type superimposed either juxtaposed of caliber 12, 16 or 20 mms are allowed. Weapons with cannons striped and automatic of more than three strokes are not admitted in Algeria.
Only one weapon by hunter is allowed on occasion of temporary import of stays organized by our partner. This weapon must be inevitably reexported to the exit of the stay. The authorized cartridge quantity for the period of the stay is fixed to sixty by rifle. The postage of weapons and munition must be in accordance with the in force regimentation that recommends the use of a suitable rigid case notably.
   ♦ Insurances: In the forfeit is included the insurance covering the possible prejudices caused to hunters between them because of the use of the hunt weapon.
Particular local conditions: The maximum number of hunt days is limited on the whole to four days of hunt fixed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
The period possible of operations spreads from the beginning of October to end of March except for the specific cases follows:
SOUK AHRAS: Possibility of hunt: three days max. (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).
SIDI BEL ABBES: Period of hunt from November to February.
TIARET and SOUK AHRAS: Frequency of operations: one week on two.
Period of hunt: The legal period for the hunting of the boar is fixed from the end of September to the endDecember. However, on the basis of a precise demand, with our partners, we can get a special derogation to hunt outside of this period.
Registration and information to provide: The participation in our programs of hunt is submitted to the establishment with a form carrying asks for authorization of import of hunt weapons.
This document will be filled and will be signed by the hunter then transmitted by the agency promoter 30 days before the date of arrival in Algeria, required delay.
Stay program :
   ♦ Period : The program of hunt is about a period variable stay containing three possibilities: 4, 5 and 6 days, every stay including 2, 3 and 4 days of efficient hunt, respectively.
Progress of the program:
   ♦ Day of arrival: Arrived during the afternoon in Algeria. Reception at the airport of entry. Aid for formalities of passage to borders. Transfer in bus of tourism to the stay hotel, according to the region of hunt wished. Installation, to dine and lodging.
Day of hunt: According to the retained stay length, every morning after the breakfast, formation of the group and transfer of the stay hotel toward the zone designated for hunt. Progress of hunt during all day long. Track and rabattage directed by a chief of beats attended by the local hunters with their dogs. Pause toward the mid day. Meal in pike nique on places of hunt. Return in end according to noon at the hotel. to Dine and lodging.