Tourist Circuits in Algeria

Sara Travel propose on you circuits for discovering the natural splendor of Algerian desert ,of the cities and ancient sites by dicovering and knowing their history from numidian time till nowadays

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Oases of the Sahara

  Seven marvels to which we invite you to make the tour. A typical itinerary and a discovery of value of a region reputed by its natural wealth, its palm groves, its traditional architecture, Souks, Ksour, Casbahs, mosques and its handicrafts of color and light, the all in a structural reminiscent geographical set a magic name: the Sahara. For more informations

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Lake of Issendilène

  Along the high cliffs that dominate the oasis of Djanet, to the heart of the tassili, you progress on foot where to camel between waves and dunes, foils of rock and mythological labyrinth to achieve within the canyon, the magnificent guelta of Issendilène. This circuit understands: the room and board (except drinks), the inn in Djanet, the bivouac, the cook, the chameliers, the camels of packsaddle, the camels of saddle and the guide touareg. For more informations

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Unusual Hoggar

Realisation : In one week with vehicle all piece of land and guide accompanist. Organization possibility on demand for constituted group from 04 people.
The proposed circuit : Tamanrasset, Tamekast, Tahifet, Tazrouk, Ideles, Irafok, Assekrem, Tamanrasset. For more informations

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