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Discovered the Hoggar in 4x4.

Ideal for those that want to see the Assekrem in the volcanic massif of the Hoggar as well as the tassili of the Hoggar, real architectural audacity shaped by the sand and wind. You will discover in 4x4 and as on foot the two sites that made the notoriousness of Tamanrasset.


1st day : Welcome to the airport of Tamanrasset by our team touareg. Departure immediately in 4x4. Aprés a short step, you arrive to the cascades of Tameskrest where same in summer, water always flows. Bivouac in the site.
2nd day : You take down the tassilis of the Hoggar directly, while sometimes overlapping the Igharar wadi and arrived to Tin Akachaker, one of the most beautiful sites of the tassili alternating dunes to the redhead sand and myriad of rocky needles. In the evening, bivouac to the puit of In tehok.
3th day : You follow the price of the wadis and achieve the rocky tassilis of tagrira. discovered on foot of the numerous Neolithic vestiges. Bivouac meadows of the site "The Room" under the imposing calmness of Tahaggart.
4th day : You pursue in 4x4 toward the tassili In Meskor and the tiles etched of Yul Aghlel. Arrived to Yuf Hakit whose name means "better than a house" is not surcharged. it will offer the hospitality of his/her/its dunes for the night.
5th day: You leave the tassilis to recover wadis and plains, north full way. Bivouac in Tanout.
6th day: You enter in the mountains of the Hoggar. Around you, basaltic peaks and volcanic mountains observe you. Strange decor where himself mèle a feeling of inquiètude and fascination. to eat lunch to the foot of the Adaouda mount. Supply in water in the Tahabort source. Arrived at the end of day in the shelter of the Assekrem. You can discuss with the fathers, that worthy successors of Charles of Foucauld, are always present to the hermitage. Bivouac to the shelter.
7th day: You begin the return with a stop to the guelta of Afilale before arriving to Tamanrasset. Installation to the camp. Possibility to visit the city and the market. Diner and night to the camp.
8th day: Transfer to the airport and embarking.

The circuit containts
- Teh complete pension(except drink and to eat lunch of the 7th day) - The camp in Tam
- The bivouac - The cook
- The vehicle 4x4 (5 to 6 people) - Tuareg Francophones
- Mattress mosses - Transportation: by 4x4

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