Sights and monuments: 95 km of quotation, borer of cork, pine, fir, complex of Tichy, different spas, fortress of Gouraya, tourist zone of Boulimat, archaeological site of Tubusuptu.

Relief :

The mountains represent the 3/4 of the surface; Babour djebel, Bibane djebel,; plain of the Soummam (80 km); Soummam wadi.


Historic preview

Stuffed of a rich history of which the certified flags first overlap the Carthaginian periods (146 before the Christian era), Roman

of 33 before J. - C. to 429 after) vandal (429 to 545) and Byzantine (545 to 644).

The region of Béjaia have known the celebrity and the glory however, when it integrated the arabo-Muslim civilization it has

encouraged its economic prosperity and its cultural and scientific radiation.

In Nassiria, Béjaia developed some Hammadites indeed at the time (1067 to 1152) a big activity in the domain of the arts and the

culture and became a scientific focus accommodating the scientists of all corners of the world.

It was considered on the economic plan as the most prestigious city of North Africa. Grace notably to the immensity of its gulf and

to the activity of its port always open, Bejaia continued to prosper under the reign of Abdelmoumen.


One of the main pathways for the Western in North Africa, the region of Béjaia caused the lust of other kingdoms (Hafsides,

Abdelwadides, Mérinides) and had to sustain hard assaults on behalf of the Spaniards in 1510, that wrecked it before occupying

it during 45 years under the reign of Pedro Navaro.

September 29, 1843, it fell between the hands of the French colonizer that annexed it after a shy popular resistance, which

followed, April 8th, 1871, the insurrection led by Sheik El Haddad and Sheik El-Mokrani,.


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