Ain Defla

Sights and monuments: rupestrian engravings, spa of Ain Ouarka, old Ksours, desert and oasis.


 Predominance of mountainous massifs, mountains: 1480 km, hills and piémonts: 1520 km, plains: 699 km, relief no differentiates: 370 km, semi-arid Mediterranean climate, with a character of continentalité.

Rainfall : 470 mm/year of which 45% enter November and January.


Historic preview

The region of Aïn Defla , as the Dahra and the plain of Mined, has been occupied by the tribes of the Machusienses before the

arrival of the Romans in the beginning of this century.

Oppidum Novum was one of the stations fortified of these last implemented on a nipple isolated on the road bordering the left

strand of the Cheliff in the Northeast of the present Ain Defla, which lives the Alideses of Tlemcen to get settled in the Middle-

age not far from the Roman ruins and to construct the city of El-Khadra.

In1857, the present city which carried until 1962 the name of Duperré, was a bridging between Miliana and the ex-El-Asnam.

Moreover, the city of Miliana celebrated at the end of the XXe century, with Algiers and Médéa, its 1000 years of existence.

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