Sights and monuments: Cherchell, Tipaza, tomb royal Mauritanien, Damous, Gouraya (Gunugu), Nador, Ain Tagourait, Bou-lsmail, archaeological Museums (Tipaza and Cherchell).


Mountsains of the Dahra and Zaccars, mountains of Chenoua , Béni-Messous wadis, Mazafran, Djer, Damous,.

Rainfall: 680 mm/year ; climate moderates 33 degrees (summer), 7 have 5 degrees (winter).


Historic preview

The region of Tipaza is rich of monuments and vestiges that certify the role which has played in the ancient history of Algeria.

Two poles emerged during the assurance of kingdom of Maurétanie: Tipaza, that was an important metropolis and Iol which

became Cesaree (present Cherchell).

This last was the upper part of the kingdom of Maurétanie, that spread from Sétif until the Atlantic under the reign of Juba 1st.

After the suicide of the latter, following his defeat against Caesar in 46 J. ave - C., the son of Juba II made the upper part of it

famous (called Césarée) and very important port of Africa after the one of Carthage.

The draft of the king numide and the one of his wife, Cleopatre Selene (girl of the famous Cleopatre of Egypt) rest in the royal

mausoleum of Mauretanie "tomb of the Christian", to a quarantine of km from Tipaza.

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