Souk Ahras

Sights and monuments: ruins of Madaure, Khemissas and Zaarourias, Roman and Muslim ruins, millennial trees.



Continental climate, region mountainous, high hill.


Historic preview

By its privileged geographical position, the region of Souk-Ahras was a land extremely coveted by the conquerors who followed

each other in Algeria and played of this fact a prominent role in the history of the country.

The strategic importance of the city of Thagaste, the native haven of Holy Augustin that taught the rhetoric before knowing the

glory coins other heaven, is certified by the function that it held under the Romans as basis of check between the north and the

south, as well as between the cities of Cirta (Constantine), Theveste (Tébessa), Hippone (Annaba) and the famous Carthage.

This importance is also underlined by the content of the letter that Napoleon's cousin sent to the French emperor to ask him, and

to get, the accord to the creation of an European center in Souk-Ahras: "situated to 100 km of Bône, to same distance of the

Calle and 76 km of Guelma, Souk-Ahras is the center of the communalisations of the region.

It is a point of bound passage for all trailers importing the products of the East and the south, the place of transit and the

warehouse of the business with Tunisia.

Thagaste inwhich Saint Augustin was born is also the native of many famous novelist of the 2nd century, situated to Madura (today M'Daourouch).

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