Oum El bouaghi


Sights and monuments: Roman vestiges have Dalaa, Ksar Sbahi, Ouled Gouti, Berber mausoleums, several touristic sites.

Relief :

Continental type climate; very cold winters and summer extremely hot.

Rainfall: 350 mm/year.


Historic preview


According to the archaeological excavations and the historic studies, the region has a millennial past as showed the rests of animals

which disappeared and the traces of the first men as well as other archaeological riches.

In addition to the visible vestiges of the Roman period in Segus, Ksar Sbahi, Dalaa and Ouled Gouti. The Kahina and the Banou

Hilals also let notably their impressions in this mountainous region through the names of the localities of Djazia, Dalaa, El-Beida

and other.


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