Sights and monuments: national park of cedars of Theniet El-Hed, regional park of Ain Antar (Boucaid), spa of Sidi Slimane.


Relief :

Cold continental climate, 65% mountainous regions (Ouarsenis), Lardjem wadi, park of the cedars (Theniet el Hed), Ain Antar and Bounaama.

Rainfall: 400 mm/year.


Historic preview

During the Rostemideses, Tissemsilt was the cradle of the kingdom, what explains the reasons of this denomination that the city carries.

During that time, Tisssemsilt was a strategic point where meet merchant and travelers.

During the French occupation, Tissemsilt carried the name of Vialar.

After the independence, the city of Beni Hendel recovered its former appelation.

The region of Tissemsilt shelters the mountains of Meddad and the Ouarsenis.

The cedar is among the most widespread trees in the region that joins the East, the west and the South.


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