El Taraf

Sights and monuments: national park El-Kala, former port and tower of El-Kala, former cathedral of El-Kala, lakes of the birds, Tonga, Oubeira and Mellah.


Relief :

56,6% of mountains, 32,5% of plains and platters, 4,9% of lagoons, 4% of marshes, 4% of lakes (Oubeira 2500 ha, Mellah 860 ha, Tonga 3000 ha, lake of the Birds 15 ha), Wadi Kabîr, Bouna frothed and Seybouse.

Rainfall: (400-1200 mm/year


Historic Preview

The region of el-Tarf have known several civilizations. By the port of fishing of el-Kala, it was in particular a commercial counter for the Phoenicians, Romans and Turks.

El Kala or the Calle is the most beautiful region in the East of the country in which we find marvelous lakes and parklands.


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