Bourdj Bou Arreridj

Sights and monuments: some sites exist tourist non classes being composed of several Roman vestiges and the house El-Mokrani has Medjana.


Relief :

Altitude varying between 700 and 1741 m, three zones, high plains and mountains (east-west), steppes (southwest).

Rainfall: 300 to 700 mm / year Oued Bousselam


Historic preview

Situated on the high platters of the Sétifois, the region of Bordj Bou-Arréridj acquired a big notoriousness during and after the

big insurrection of 1871 track by El-Mokrani.

The city of Bordj Bou-Arréridj saw to march several waves civilisationnelles and lived of the local, tribal periods of war and

against the troops of Abdelmoumen of the dynasty of the Almohadeses toward the XIIth century.

The region of Mélousa is known notoriously for the big battles that took place of it during the national payment under

subscription struggle.  


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