Sights and monument: historic site of Bethioua, palace of the Bey, mosque of the Pasha, mosque Mohammed El-Kebir, borer of Santa Cruz, chapel Santa Cruz, tomb of Sidi Houari el of Sour, chapel of St.-Louis, door of Spain, door of Canastel, door of Sauton, .



Relief :

The full band coastline is occupied by massifs, the zone south is shaped of plains .

Rainfall: 300 mm/year.


Historic preview


Based in the year 902 under the reign of Khazer El-Maghraoui, the city of Oran is occupied in 1509, four years after Sea El-Kebir, by the Spanish army of the cardinal Ximenes.

The bey Mustapha Benyoucef frees of it to him in 1708, but it falls again under the Hispanic cut in 1732, before being franked

definitely in 1792 after the violent earthquake of which she was the theater in 1790.

Under the reign of the beys of the west, that reside there until 1830, Oran and its port run away a strong reputation in the international business.

January 14, 1831, the city is invested by the French army and pass under colonial domination.

At the hour of payment under subscription struggle, Oran paid its share for the independence of the country.

Oran or Wahrân, it is also the capital of the Raï music.

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