Sights and monument: of the sites and vestiges, as the former city of Sedrata and the city of N Kouca, oasis, palm groves, roses of the sands,.



Relief :

Dune areas , very frequent winds, temperature, important amplitude, 25 degrees in winter, 50 degrees in summer;.

Rainfall: 40 mm/year.


Historic preview

The city is situated in the southeast of Algeria, Ouargla is considered like one oldest and comprehensive cities of Algeria.

It was the ex-city of the oases that included the present wilayas of El-oued, Ghardaïa, Biskra, Tamanrasset, Illizi and Laghouat.

Ouargla was an important crossroads for the commercial trailers and the nomads came of the north of the country and the extreme Maghreb in way of the Arabian countries, and the south of Africa.

Thanks to its geographical position and its strategic importance, it was populated by the inhabitants of the neighboring regions, what allowed it to be a center of radiation civilisationnel and commercial important of a particular post-mark.

The region of Ouargla saves the sites and historic vestiges until now, and it produces the biggest quantity of oil in Algeria.

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