Sights and monuments: the kalaa of Blessed Hammad, Hammam Dalaa, Ferrero mill, tomb of Nasreddine Etienne Dinet, El-Hamel mosque, repistrian engravings of Ben Srour,.



Relief :

Situated between two chains of mountains, Atlas Tally and Of the Sahara, steppes, (less 37), dry continental climate.

Rainfall: unsteady between 100 to 400 mm/year


Historic preview

The sources of M'Sila ascends to the antique.

The presence of the archaeological vestiges and the historic traces in the region, certify that the city was a revolving plate that

played an important role between the North and the South during the time numide.

During the Roman colonization, the city saved its name that had to change it, a certain time, after the advent of the Islam.

But M'Sila knew a big celebrity during the Berber Muslim dynasties.

Unfortunately, the city has been destroyed repeatedly by the wars before the Fatimideses rebuild it again in 927.



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