Sights and monuments: big mosque (Xe century), Ettork bordj, El-Mehal bordj, tomb of the Bey Bouchlaghem, Marabout of Sidi founding Abdellah of modern Mostaganem to the Middle Ages, site archeo of Quiza, palace Mohamed El-Kebir, the defensive wall of quotes it ancient of Sour-Kelmitou (Bellevue), the trees , the sources and the gardens of the region of Medjahers, Neolithic site of Ouled Ryah,.


Relief :

Sweet climate and moderate; massif of the Dahra has ; Cheliff wadi.

Rainfall: 426 mm/year


Historic preview

The city existed before the Roman period (Murustagen during the Phoenicians, then Cartennae during the Romans),

Mostaganem doesn't present a sufficiently known history except that of the XIe century, when she was under the check of the Almoravids.

Mauristaga (Today Mostaghanem) has been rebuilt after the Islam under the order of the valorous Saint of the cheap Sidi

Abdellah Khattabi el Idrissi el Ouali of the Médjaherses the first inhabitants of the region.

Sidi Abdallah is the manager of the city of Mostaganem and his Marabout is in several cities and villages of Mostaganem,

Relizane and Mascara.

In the XVIe century, Mostaganem acted as basis to prepare the seats destined to hunt of Oran the Spaniards or to forbid last to

achieve some sendings by terrestrial way against Algiers.

With the French occupation, the battle of the Macta, the revolt of the Medjaherses and the insurrection of Boumaza, in the

Dahra, marked the mind of resistance to the European invaders.

The triggering of the national payment under subscription struggle November 1st, 1954 has been marked by several armed


The first knocks of the Algerian revolution sounded in the Wilaya of Mostaganem.

It is during the period of 1956 to 1958 that the territory of the Wilaya was the manager of a struggle set against the

colonial army.

In1962, Mostaganem became a flourishing city of the Mediterranean, unfortunately in 1965, and after the coup of the shame, the

wilaya was marginalized completely. And it is only after 1980 that the region knew its rebirth.



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