Sights and monuments: the palace of l Emir, the monastery of Tiberi, mountains, borers, wintry stations and gardens.



Relief :

Mountainous, continental climate, cold in winter and hot in summer: the city is 950 m in altitude in relation to the sea level.

Rainfall between 800 mm (to the north) and 200 (to the south) per year.


Historic preview

The history of the region of Médéa takes its roots far in the past. During the Roman domination, several cities were built among

which Lambdia.

The ruins of Rapidi (Djouad) and Thanarusuma (Berrouaghia) certify this Roman presence.

In the Xe century, with the advent of the Fatimideses, Ziri, chief of the Sanhadjas tribes, based kingdom of the Zirideses.

Il built its upper part in Achir (close to Aïn Boucif).

He allowed his son Bologhine to create three other cities: al-Djazair (Algiers), Miliana and Médéa.

At the time of the period of Turkish domination transfer day numbers religious implementations as mosques, Koranic schools, etc.

During the popular resistance to the French penetration, the city of Médéa assured the mission of one of the emir Adbelkader upper part.

With the national payment under subscription war, it became the seat of the IV city.


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