Sights and monuments: quote ancient of Hippona the basilica of Holy Augustin, Seraidi, Casbah, monuments, steles, the Roman ruins, millennial trees,.


Relief :

borers and mountains: 50% of the total surface, piemonts and hills 25%.

Rainfall : 767 mm/year.


Historic preview

Buttressed on one stimulating past to the prehistoric times and certified by objects of the paleolithic and vestiges of the Neolithic

overdrafts in the surroundings of Bouhamra, in the Edough, and on the sides of the Fezzara lake, the region of Annaba (Bône)

hugged history since the 3rd millennium before the Christian era with the assurance of the civilization numide.

Known as Hippone, whose historians situate the birth in the Xth century J. ave - C., Annaba had the status of royal cities.

Before the advent of the Islam, in the beginning of the VIIIe century, Hippone dealt with the Romans and to the Vandals and

played the role of upper part of the Christendom between 391 and 430 the Gregorian era, period during which Holy Augustin,

theson of Thagaste (Souk Ahras), marked it of its impression.

At the end the XIth century, the city is relocated of the ancient site of Hippone, called then Madinat Zaoui, to live a second birth

from the hill Sidi Abou Marouan.

Until the XVIe century, Annaba or Bona will radiate as center economic and cultural of importance and is the subject of lusts

and attempts of conquest of the part notably of Charles Quint.


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