Sights and monuments: the region of Djelfa is very rich in prehistoric sites, it owns a real archaeological wealth, the engravings and rupestrian paintings are close to 1000 dating 7500 has 10.000 years, representing various animals,: antelopes, rhinoceros, ostriches.

The most important stations that have been classified as prehistoric monuments: Ain Naga, Hasbaya, Hadjer Sidi Boubakeur, Khang Garlane,



Relatively flat relief, the mountains of the Ouled Nail (1544 m), covered with pines of Alep, separatethe droopings of the north and the platters of the Sahara ofthe south.

Rainfall between 300 mm and 400 mm, temperature between 7 and 35 degrees, invoking frosts in winter and in the spring.


Historic preview

The sites discovered through the city, reveal the passage of several civilizations in the region, and tonic to the prehistory

It is important to signal the rupestrian paintings of Hasbaya wadi, the results of fortresses numides in Zakar, Ammoud and El-ldrissia and the Roman ruins of Messaâd.

And then it comes the Islamic civilization by Okba lbn Nafaa , and by Hillal.

In 1843, el Emir Abdelkader guided some worriors in order to fight the French occupation.



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