Sights and monuments: Riadh el Feth, the Casbah, Palace of the Dey, Antiques, The Fine arts museum, Bardo museum, the Popular Arts,Lady Africa, Zoological Park of Ben Aknoun, Park of the Carob tree, and Scientific Experiments Garden( el Hamma).



Moderate climate

Rainfall between : 300 et 400 mm/year


Historic preview

The strategic position of El-Djazair, which is situated in one of the most beautiful bays of the world, always caused the lust of the invaders since it had acted as maritime outlet to the Berber tribe of Mezghena.

The Phoenicians made one of their counters of it, shortly after the foundation of Carthage in 814 J. ave - C. and, naturally, the Romans who replaced them, were content with transforming Ikosim in Icosium.

However, it is with the advent of Islam that it knew an incontestable political development and, since 960, Bologhine lbn Ziri made its upper part of it.

This event is considered like a second birth to the city since it constitutes the start of its influence on the Mediterranean scale.

All dynasties that followed each other in the Maghreb, and especially in Algiers (Almoravids, Hammadites, Abdelwadides...), have pushed the Spaniards to conquer it.

The governor of the city of the time, Salim Toumi Sanhadji, called on the brothers Barberousse, Amazed Arroudj and Kheireddine, that undertook to decline the conquistadors and to make of El-Djazair the strongest place in the Mediterranean.

The power of the regency was recognized by all the Europe and even the United States of America, regions with which El-Djazair maintained flourishing commercial relations.

It was the non payment of an Algerian wheat delivered by France that acted besides Louis Philippe to start the shipping of 1830, the depredation of Sidi Fredj and the hold of Algiers.

The Casbah or "the Citadel" (the ancient Algiers), is a containing Algiers district today.

Even though other cities also have a Casbah, only the one of Algiers will be called without mentioning the name of the city itself.

The actual Casbah is a fortress built in Algiers in the XVIe century, at the time Ottoman.


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