Tizi Ouzou


Sights and monuments: Roman ruins of Tigzirt (Iomnium), site of Taksebt (Rusupisir), Azzefoun (Rusazu), Djemaa Saharidj (Bida Municipium).

Relief :


The City of Tizi-Ouzou is constituted a relief torments that form 94% of mountains and piemonts, the Djurdjura is the main chain of mountains which takes its source Sebaou wadi.

, Some zones of the city are wet and abundantly watered .

Rainfall : exceed 1200 mm/year.


Historic preview


Nothing remained today of the genistas of which the city of Tizi-Ouzou takes its name.

This spinal plant of yellow flowers grows only on the heights of the Marabout Sidi Belloua that overhang the city.

While walkingthrough the city, we notice the construction of the Turkish bordj that gave birth to Tizi-Ouzou, and the commercial place (Souk Sebt). During the French colonization, Tizi-Ouzou was as if a path joining the valley of the low to the one of the high Sebaou.

The city is a kind of a seat belt to the big Kabylie.

In the history of the Kabylie, Dellys, Tigzirt, Taksebt or Azzefoun are the first strong places that interested the Phoenicians and then the Romans(It is the upper part of the region that resisted the different invasions that staked out the history of Algeria.) whom have built a huge constructions in which their vestiges still present and still witness the greatness of this civilization.

Howaver, we notice that the majority of the Roman ruins exist in Taourga and Djamaâ Saharidj.

But Tizi Ouzou remains the most modern city of Algeria.

The mountains of Djurdjura have known some great revolutionary chiefs as Lala Fatma Nsoumer and Amirouche as well as a glorious martyrs (chouahadas) whom have poured their blood so that long live Algeria.

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