Sights and monuments: about 45 sites natural and historic classes, Honaine, mosques almoravides of Tlemcen and Nedroma, Sidi Boumediene, medersa d El-Eubbad, mosque of Sidi Belkacem, mosque of Sidi Halloui, Mechouars, villages of Tlata and Zahras, mosque of Béni-Snous etc.
Relief :

Continental climate; mountains concatenate the Trarases, mounts of Tlemcen, Sebdou, Wadis lsser, Tafna.

Rainfall : 500 mm/year.


Historic preview

The wilaya of Tlemcen is a region to the very faraway sources.

Of its past, it saves vivacious traces of vestiges of different age that coalesces today the importance of its archaeological vocation.

Its old past is first of all certified by the existence of these numerous prehistoric stations in Mouillah (Maghnia), Karar (Remchi) and Ghiran Errich (Chetouane).

To these the long list of the other monuments of pre-Roman, Roman and Arabian times is added.

The arabo-Muslim civilization marked the more without a doubt a long time this region to the crossroads of the reign of the powerful dynasties that governed Maghreb to the Arabian Middle Ages (ldrisside, Almoravid, Almohade).

Each of them let the impression of buildings of which some, conserved on this day, reveal the degree and the sophistication achieved by the Muslim civilization in Algeria.

It is under the reign of the Abdelwadideses on the central Maghreb (1232-1516) that Tlemcen had to know the boom of a prestigious upper case vying of burst and prosperity with the big cities of the Islam of the time: Fes, Grenada, Tunis, Damascus etc., during this same period, the other centers important of the region as Honaine, Nedroma, Beni-Snous lived an also remarkable development to the economic and cultural plans.


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