Sights and monuments: Tassili N Ajjer, one of the richest prehistoric museums to the world, discovering on hundreds of Km of the thousand of magnificent rupestrian paintings revealing prehistoric civilizations of Africa.

Site of Abalessa: one discovered there, in 1925, of several objects, the skeleton of Tin Hinan, first queen of the Touaregses,.

Mount of Ahaggar Atakor, with the shelter of the Assekrem and many peaks with the point culminating d Algeria,: the Tahat (3003 m); numerous other sites and oasis has visit.
Relief :

North, covered with sand and rough climate; to the south, mountainous massif, one meets of it the most elevated temperatures of the world (Ain Salah and ln-Guezzam), as the peak the more pupil Algeria, the Tahat 3003 m.

Rainfall: 32 mm/year


Historic preview

The region of Tamanrasset, is one of the most former African and world civilizations, of which testifies these thousand of magnificent rupestrine paintings scattered in the open on hundreds of km of the richest prehistoric museum in the world, the one of the Tassili N'Ajjers.

To speak of this region that recall the proverbial mind of resistance of populations touaregs also, the Kell Ajjerses of the Tassili Ajjers, the Kell Ahaggars of the Hoggar, that were always recalcitrant to all subjection and of which the French colonizers especially knew strength, since they felt it through many and unceasing uprisings that only ended in 1920.

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