Sights and monuments: Roman ruins (Guerrouma), Turkish ruins (Bouira), station of Tikjda, El-Hilali borer has Ain Bessem.

Relief :

Rainfall: 700 mm/year in the north, 200 mm/year in the south.


Historic preview

Known, in the past, under the name of kingdom of Haz, the region of Bouira faced the Roman invasion and lived under the Turkish ferula whose presence is certified currently by several such sites the Turkish, called bordj Draâ El-Bordj and Ain El-Turc, on the axis of the road national Bejaia - Algiers.

The French colonial penetration was the subject of a very strong resistance on behalf of the inhabitants placed under the authority of emir Abdelkader, that stayed notably in Bordj Hamza in 1839 in firm of its associate Ahmed lbn Salem Rebissi.

It is this region that was the theater of a noteworthy defeat of the duke of Aumale and it is also of her that will circulate itself, from Sour El-Ghozlane, the insurrection of Boubaghla (1851-1855).

Its population was thus committed to the sides of El-Mokrani, fallen to the Field of honor in Souflate, in the Daïra of Aïn Bessem

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