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Sights and monuments: old Ksours of Tamentit Timimoun, rupestrian engravings and prehistoric entry on rock have Timiaouine,


Desert relief composes platters, ergs and sand, salty depressions, dry and hot climate.


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Adrar, whose name means " pierre, rockery, mont ", in berbre (in tifinagh), is a city of the Sahara of Algeria, county seat of the wilaya of the same name in the region of Gourara.

Adrar is pronounced Adghagh locally (" rocaille " in berbre), it is the French transcription that made Adrar of it.

It is probably about a processing linguistic particular called sémantico-positive confusion (clean to the zone southern berbérophone), rather than of a particular phonetic processing (r/gh).

Adrar owns an airport (Touat sidi chiekh mohamed belkbeir) as well as a center of retention.

The wilaya of Adrar is situated in the south of Algeria; broadside to the north by the wilayas of Bayedh El and Ghardaïa, to the west by the wilayas of Bechar and Tindouf, to the East by the wilaya of Tamenrasset, and to the south by Mauritania and Mali.

The wilaya, composed of 11 Daïrases, 28 townships and 299 Ksarses (villages), overlay a zone of about 427 000 km² and regroup 422 331 inhabitants (computation of 2010).

Adrar is a mainly agricultural zone, characterized by its traditional system of irrigation the "Foggara".


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