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Complex Thermal Hammam Chellala

Residency of 7 nights, basis Bungalow for
2 people, in slot and small-lunch.
Situation : To 20 km of Guelma, the complex of Hammam chellala is built on an ancient city thermal Roman because of the quality of its sweet, moderate micro-clima and the exceptional therapeutic quality of its waters. The waters of hammam chellala are reputed to be of the hottest of the world after the geysers of Ireland, they achieve 98° to their point of emergence.
Treatment : The therapeutic virtues of waters are commanded briskly in the processing of multiple pathologies, between other, :
     -The rheumatic affections and aftermaths of traumatisms.
     -The neurological affections.
     -The unrests endocrine.
     -The respiratory affections, ENT, Gynecological.
     -The chronic cutaneous affections ,etc.……….
Services : Restaurant, pizzeria, excursions and animation in the evening.

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