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Sara Voyages propose you of the historic places with unique landscapes in its gender that returns a comfortable residency and fill it of a culture dating of the Roman time. Wonderful Vacances with Sara Voyages

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Constantine an old numidian city

 Constantine is the city of the bridges, she has been constructed on a rock of more than 600 meters of altitude, surrounded with deep ravines, crossed by the Rhumel, all this gave to the city its power of citadel.For more informations

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Djemila old Cuicul

 Roman city once opulent sheltered close to 10.000 inhabitants. Situated on the high plains of Sétif, between the coastal Atlas and the Aurès, the region served olive grove and attic to wheat to the Romans. Constructed in 98, Cuicul, today Djemila enlarges to the 3rd century, under the reign of emperor Caracalla. To the 4th century, the city endowed itself with a Basilica Christian.For more informations.

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Souk-Ahras old Thagasta

 Formerly called "Thagasta" Souk-Ahras, the native city of Holy Augustin, was at the time a basis of check between the north and the south and an important penetration way Roman. For more informations

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