Ain Témouchent

Sights and monuments: Siga, Archegoul, Aslen, the thermal baths of hammam Bou Hadjar.


Plains along the coastline and piemonts more to the south; Mediterranean climate in wet and sub-wet


Historic preview

The coastline of the Wilaya of Ain Témouchent is rich in archaeological sites.

We notice the existence of the anciant Phoenician ports and also of important cities that have played a non negligible role in the

history of our country.

Among these cities we mention: Siga, the former upper part of the Berber kingdom of Syphax (206 J. ave - C.).

The most determinant was the one in the year 206 J. ave - C., whom had to allow Syphax to play conciliator's role to put an end

to the Carthaginian wars .

Note that our hero and Syphax nationalist has been trapped and has been sold to the Roman by Massinissa, the king of Cirta

(Constantine) that allied to the invaders Romans against Carthage and Siga.


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