Sights and monuments: mosque of Sidi Maiza of the old Tenes, the former cathedral, monuments classes.


Relief varies from the hills of the Dahra and the Zaccar in the north, Ouancharis in the south , to the plains inthe center, climate Mediterranean subhumide; Cheliff wadi 700 km.

Rainfall: 420 mm/year.



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It is situated in a region of transit where mingles the influences of the center and the west of the country, its territory presented a strategic and economic interest during all the history of our country.

Chlef city is surrounded by vestiges of different prehistoric eras.

The seniority of the Berber population is derived from the Neolithic and Phoenicians in the VIIIème century before J.C.

The shore region and the plains sustained the Carthaginian influence in the IIIrd century before J.C where the city was in the

confines of the Amazigh kingdoms and Massyles, sustaining the domination of one soon, the domination of the other; that, until the

unification of the Numidie by Massinissa.

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