Sights and monuments: Frenda (underground cave lbn Khaldoun ), Medroussa (the Djeddarses), site of Tagdempt, Tihert, Sidi Hosni (Roman ruins), Dahmouni (rupestrine art).
Relief :

Continental climate; to the north, concatenate mountains (Guertoufa), to the west, mounts of Frenda.

Rainfall 300 mm/year, wadis mined, El-Adeb, El-Tahat, Ouassel.


Historic preview

At the same time as the rosary of rupestrian art stations that it shelters.

The region of Tiaret conceals a very comprehensive archaeological field illustrated by the presence of Berber and Roman vestiges confounding themselves in Aïn Sbiba (Frenda), Columnata (Sidi Hosni), Kherbet Ouled Bouziane (Dahmouni), Souamah (Mechraa Of Safâ), Tihert the old and Tingartia.

Its archaeological wealth is also revealed by the ancient Berber mausoleums that are the Djeddarses.

With the advent from the Islam in Maghreb, a prestigious upper case, Tihert the new, will be born on the territory of this region.

It is the city of the Rostmides lmams, upper case of the first Muslim State in Maghreb.

The small Basora (Basra), as will name it a lot of historians and columnists of the time, will radiate on a very comprehensive region of 761 to 909 hegire.

On the vestiges of the upper case of Abderrahmane Rostom lbn, will take form of the centuries later another city just as prestigious: Tagdempt.

Adbelkader Mahieddine lbn will make one of its main strong places of it against the French colonizer at the same time as it will elect it like upper case of the Algerian state of 1835 to 1841.


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