Sights and monuments: quote Bani lsguene, old Ksar d El-Golea, city of Metlili, Echamba, spa of Zelfana, different palm groves of the valley, park zoological d El-Atteuf.


Climate of the Sahara, wadi Mezab, weak precipitations.


Historic preview

The monopole of the Mezab formed the cities of Bounoura, El-Atteuf, Melika, Blessed lsguèn and Ghardaïa, testifies of ten

centuries of Ibadi culture and made use of men's intelligence to produce in an ungrateful environment.

The Mezab constituted only a history generated by the long epic of the Ibadites left hastily from Tahert after the break of the

Rostemides to plant marquee in full desert and to impregnate a hostile land.


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