Sights and monuments: old Bisekras, oases and mosques of Sidi Okba and Sidi Khaleds, Hammam Salhine, Groove d El-Kantara, palm grove of Tolga, locality of Baniane, road panoramic Baranis.


Relief :

Dry climate of the Sahara, Rainfall: 120 has 150 mm/an; average temperature 29 degrees; mountains and high platters to the north; Tekriout djebel 1942 m, platters to the south of the wilaya (Ouled Djellal); the steppe levels spreads on the centers El-Outaya and Doucen.


Historic preview


Called Vaskara under the Romans, it takes the name of Biskra since the advent of the Islam in the Arabian Maghreb with Okba Ibn Nafaa.

This last is buried not far from the city in a locality that carries its name.

Past successively under the ferula of powers or such different dynasties the Zirides, Banou Hillal, Hafside, Zénète, it becomes then Turkish of the XVIth in the XIXth centuries, and then it felt under the French colonial in 1844, after a biting inverse resistance to the duke of Aumale by the population guided by Mohamed and Hadj Seghir el-Okbi.

Five years later, the region entered again in boiling point with the insurrection of the Zaatchases.


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