Sights and monuments: El-Kalaa, Roman and Muslim historic vestiges,; Zemmoura, Roman ruins,; Ammi Frothed, Roman vestiges and zianides, places of resistance of ALN, Mazouna, the Medersa, the anciant city.



Continental climate, very hot in summer, gental in winter.


Historic preview

Importing crossroads civilisationnel, the region of Relizane shelters the sites and Roman, Phoenician and Turkish historic monuments, mainly in Mazouna, Ammi Frothed and El-Kalaâ.

Against the French colonial penetration, the popular resistance knew its climax in 1864 under the ferula of the Sheik Lazreg Belhadj.

Ammi Moussa was the upper case of Abou Hammou Moussa II in the XIIIe century after the occupation of Tlemcen by the Mérénideses.

According to Ibn Khaldoun, blessed them Arif were governors of Sour kelmitou (Mostaganem) and of Mazouna, during the reign of the Zianideses.


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