Sights and monuments: marine rupestrian and fossil engravings in the low valley of Wadi Draa, dromedaries and palms.


Relief :

Desert form, ergs (craggy platters) and valleys.

Rainfall : weak


Historic preview

Tindouf city owes its reputation to the Mouggar, organized annually in the county seat which is bordered by three countries,: Morocco, Mauritania and the Sahara Western.

Tindouf was a high place of culture and business.

The Reguibet tribes, who practiced the business of the camels, goats and Sudanese sheep (So Daouine), were of big nomads.

The tribe of the Tadjakents came to set also in Tindouf.

The wilaya conceals historic vestiges notably of the rupestrian engravings in the valley of the Draa. In this region, there are also primary rocks encrusted of marine fossils.


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