Sights and monuments: ruins of Sidi Kada of time of Emir Abd El Kader, vestiges a Roman defensive wall, Zaouias, spa of Bouhanifia,.




Relief :

Zone of mountains and plains; plains of Ghriss, mountain Blessed Chougrane, climate subhumide,.

Rainfall: 350 a 510 mm/year.


Historic preview

Also celebrate by the discovery of the rests of the prehistoric man of called Tighennif the man of Palikao of which one can

admire the skull (after have been robbed by the colonialism), to the Museum of Paris.

The region of Mascara also passed to the historic posterity to have generated this exceptional national figure that is emir


Of which several sites recall the imperishable memory : its Mahkama, the seat of his summon, the tree (Dardara), in the plain of

the Ghriss, where the emir's authority has been recognized by the citizens November 27, 1832.

This high place of the popular resistance has, as a matter of course, been the theater of terrifying battles in the mountains of

Chougrane and El-Manadir during the national payment under subscription struggle.


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