Sights and monuments: tombs and dolmens of the time punique, Roman theater of Guelma, vestiges of Sellaoua, Anouna, Houara, El-Attik mosque,.



Relief :

wet climate and subhumide: mountainous relief has 60%, Seybouse wadi,.

Rainfall: 450-600 mm/year ;


Aperçu historique

Occupying an important place in the history of Algeria.

The region of Guelma conceals the sites and archaeological vestiges dating of the time punique (tombs and dolmens), especially

of the Roman occupation, that lasted 4 centuries (ancient theater of Guelma, vestiges of Sellaoua, Anouna), and of rooting

arabo-Islamic civilisationnel of which testifies the Mosque El-Attik notably.


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