Sights and monuments: the Roman theater (capacity 6000 places), the Roman exhibition, the Roman tanks (7 bins), the dolmens in Tamalous.



Relief :

41% of mountains, 50% of hills and 9% of plains mediterannean climate

Rainfall: 905 mm/year.


Historic preview

Before Skikda of the Arabs, it was first the Rusicade of the Romans which descended from Cirta, created the city and made a

prosperous locality of it.

April 10, 1838, the colonial troops of the general Slave ship discover Rusicade, site on which marshal Valée has a Strong

constructed that he baptizes "Strong of France", that the king Louis Philippe 1st decides to sponsor while giving him its own

name from where the appelation of Philippeville carried by Skikda of the time of the colonization.



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